Your advantages as an employer


Avanea closes the gap between full insurance and collective foundation. Employers and employees benefit from maximum security, low pension premiums, high investment returns with above-average interest rates for higher retirement benefits.

As a rule, you as an employer are insured with the same pension fund as your employees. The following benefits for your company complement the employee benefits.

The rapid and steady market development as well as the decline in profit margins require the employer to regularly review the chosen partners.

In the case of occupational benefits, this task is particularly important and can lead not only to considerable savings, but also to better benefits in terms of risk insurance, return on investment and conversion rates. Ask us for a non-binding offer.

Avanea is the first independent collective foundation to offer capital protection against the risk of reductions in retirement assets in the event of partial liquidations with insufficient cover.


The reserve set up for this purpose is financed primarily by investment income and a contribution from the employer.

Just like in your company, security is closely linked to profit in occupational pension benefits.

A successful investment allows a pension fund to fulfil its promises to the beneficiaries, pay interest on the pension assets of the insured, to strengthen the funding ratio and to build up reserves to smooth out fluctuations.

Solidity protects you against restructuring measures and generates growth, which leads to economies of scale and thus better conditions.

Avanea realised above-average performance in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019.

When you join Avanea, you and your employees choose the desired investment strategy. Avanea offers two different investment strategies. Avanea 30 with an equity component of up to 50% or the new Avanea PizSol investment pool, which will be available from 1 January 2020. This pool is based on a return-orientated investment strategy and dynamic investment allocation, i.e. reacting to market events and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise without compromising on sustainability.

Further information on our investment pools can be found on the investment pools page.

Thanks to its successful investment activities, Avanea was able to exceed the interest rate set by the Federal Council in each of the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019.


As a result, our policyholders were able to benefit from an additional interest rate on the entire capital.

The risks of death and disability are 100% reinsured. Thanks to the law of large numbers, all affiliated employers benefit from high security and favourable conditions in the risk area.

Regardless of the sector of activity, the risk premium is calculated on the basis of the insured benefits, the average age of the insured and the available retirement saving capitals. Sector-dependent surcharges are not applied. A comparison between your current pension solution and Avanea allows you to identify any potential savings.

With most pension solutions, the risk premiums are adjusted annually based on the age of the insured. Avanea, on the other hand, defines a uniform risk premium for all insured employees. Provided the average age of the insured employees does not fluctuate too much, we will guarantee the risk rate for the next three years.

Should the Foundation be underfunded as a consequence of a future financial crisis and therefore have to implement recovering measures, the restructuring contributions are booked as employer contribution reserves. As soon as the bottleneck is overcome, the advances made can be used to pay the current contributions.

Match your benefits (risk and savings) to the circumstances of your business. When starting a new business, you probably want to start with minimal costs. As you grow, adjust your benefits to meet your changing needs.

Avanea accompanies you and offers you maximum flexibility on the growth path of your company.

We also differentiate ourselves in this respect: at Avanea, all risk benefits are defined as a percentage of the insured salary. The law defines the minimum benefits according to a different calculation (the default is complied with in any case). Usually, the benefits are around 25% higher than the BVG pension plan, without any increase in costs. Compare Avanea with your current provider.

The occupational pension plan is an attractive instrument for tax optimisation.
As a company, you have the option of transferring so-called employer contribution reserves in addition to the regular contributions. In this way, you increase your personnel expenses for a short period of time and consequently reduce the company profit. This leads to a lower tax burden.
Ask your insurance broker and/or tax advisor about your options for tax optimisation through occupational pension provision.

Your advice and opinion are very important to us. That is why we like to invite you every year to our delegates’ meeting, where we present the annual financial statements, want to engage in dialogue with our affiliates and can also get to know each other personally.

Invoices for employee benefit contributions are issued quarterly, at the end of each quarter.
Avanea does not charge interest on arrears.

Thanks to efficient processes, a modern IT infrastructure and an agile structure, we are able to offer you excellent conditions. This includes answering all of your questions around your pension plan.

Regardless of whether you want the advice and administrative processing to be handled by your insurance broker or whether you prefer direct contact with us, we will be happy to adapt to your wishes.


Advantages of the insured


Avanea places active insured persons, recipients of retirement pensions, recipients of disability pensions and survivors at the centre of its activities. The following benefits summarise the most important aspects that differentiate us in the pension market.

As an employee, you  play a very important role in choosing a pension fund. You make the decision together with your employer (joint administrative commission). To be able to make a competent decision, why not take a few minutes to get to know the Avanea pension fund better?

The minimum requirements for occupational benefit schemes are clearly stipulated by law. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in all respects. To this end, we offer our active and passive insured persons particularly advantageous provisions and benefits in numerous aspects.

The pension assets you entrust to us are invested profitably. In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, Avanea realised a top result in investment management. PERFORMANCE
The realised profits are first used to pay the statutory interest. Furthermore, reserves must be built up to secure the coming fluctuations and the solidity of the pension fund. Any surplus still available is credited to you as additional interest. In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, our policyholders were able to benefit from an additional interest rate. Since its inception, our insurees have benefited from an average interest rate of 2.25%. INTEREST

This protection is the main advantage of Avanea.

The partial liquidation risk only arises in the event of termination of the affiliation or if your employer is facing restructuring that will lead to redundancies. In these two cases, a so-called partial liquidation must be carried out for the affiliated pension fund: if the pension fund is overfunded (funding ratio > 100%), the departing employees are entitled to the existing reserves. If instead the pension fund is underfunded (funding ratio < 100%), this can lead to a reduction of the accrued retirement assets.

At Avanea, this can only happen in rare cases, as we have created the partial liquidation risk reserve to hedge against this risk.

With Avanea, active insured persons can freely choose the proportion of the desired lump-sum withdrawal and the retirement pension when they reach retirement age.
Many pension funds apply different conversion rates (so-called split conversion rate) for the BVG portion of the retirement assets (currently 6.8%) and a reduced one for the extra-mandatory portion (in some cases less than 5% ).
Avanea uses a single conversion rate (so-called enveloping conversion rate) and therefore does not distinguish between compulsory mandatory BVG capital and extra-mandatory capital (current conversion rate 2021 at age 65 is 6.25%).
As a rule, around 50-70% of the total pension capital is mandatory BVG capital. This leads to a higher retirement pension when applying the total conversion rate.

Many pension funds still distinguish between benefits for married and unmarried insured persons. At Avanea, registered life partners are treated the same as married insured persons and are thus also well covered, even in the event of their partner’s death.

If an insured person has made purchases with Avanea, these will be refunded to the survivors in the event of death in addition to any pension benefit.

If the insured person was a single parent, Avanea will also pay an equal care pension in addition to the orphan’s pension.

Avanea grants disability pensions from an IV degree of 25%.

Avanea applies a uniform interest rate and a uniform conversion rate, so all insured persons are treated equally. Generally, this leads to significantly more retirement assets and higher retirement pensions.