Advanced pension benefits.

We focus on our insured persons.

The Federal Law on occupational benefits defines the framework conditions, i.e. the basic rules that every pension fund as well as every employer must comply with. This means that the law makes it possible to offer better benefits to its insured persons, provided that the minimum conditions are met.

This is Avanea’s main objective: to offer active and passive insured persons particularly advantageous benefits and conditions in every respect.

Occupational pension benefits are often regarded as a kind of “black box”, yet they are an important component of the Swiss pension system, which forces us to save from the age of 25 and accompanies us throughout our working lives. It is therefore very important to know the basic principles.

To facilitate understanding of this complex subject, we recommend watching the short videos available on

Active insured persons

The benefits of Avanea for the active insured persons are presented in detail and commented on the Benefits page.

Recipients of retirement pensions

If you are insured with Avanea at the time of your retirement, you can benefit from an attractive overall conversion rate of 6.25% on your total retirement assets (valid for 2021 – man at normal retirement age).

Note that many providers apply different conversion rates, i.e. the statutory conversion rate for the mandatory BVG capital and a significantly lower conversion rate for the extra-mandatory capital. With Avanea you can secure a significantly higher retirement pension.

If, on the other hand, you already had a retirement pension at the time of the transfer to Avanea, the law guarantees that the accrued benefits will be maintained.

In addition, Avanea provides for the distribution of an additional bonus to pension beneficiaries if the financial results of the foundation allow it.

Recipients of disability, widow's and child's pensions

Avanea has congruently insured the risk benefits with PKR├╝ck AG. All corresponding insurance benefits are provided by our proven insurance partner.