Investment pools.

Investing according to the customer’s needs.

The following table shows the development of the Avanea investment models over the years and the mandated asset manager.

Our investment offering is constantly adapted to developments on the financial markets and to the needs of companies and policyholders.

All companies that are already affiliated to Avanea or wish to become affiliated have the option of choosing between the Avanea 30 or Avanea DynamicS investment strategy.

The change of investment model can be made by a resolution of the employee pension committee. A protocol signed by the representative of the employees and the employer is required for this purpose.

The notice period of 3 months must be observed. The change takes place on 1.1. of the following year.

A change of the investment pool causes a partial liquidation of the affiliated pension fund. We will be happy to provide you with additional information.

Avanea 30

Avanea started its activities with this investment pool, which currently has assets of over CHF 150 million.

The investment strategy of the Avanea 30 investment pool provides for an equity component of 30% with a lower limit of 20% and an upper limit of 50%.

Most companies have opted for Avanea 30 so far. This investment pool was awarded first prize for the best performance of the last three years in the “Pension Fund Comparison”. The pension fund comparison has been published by the Sonntagszeitung in cooperation with “Finanz und Wirtschaft” since 2006.

The Pension board has entrusted the asset management of the Avanea 30 Pool to PK Assets in Wilen bei Wollerau. This link will take you to the investment philosophy we follow:

Actual Investment Allocation Avanea 30 (31.12.2020)

Avanea DynamicS’ investment strategy aims to generate above-market sustainable returns, optimise risks and ensure strong governance.

A return-seeking investment strategy, the independent selection of highly rated managers and a dynamic asset allocation, i.e. reacting to market events to take advantage of emerging opportunities, play an important role in achieving the desired investment results.

The final investment strategy of Avanea DynamicS will be determined following an ALM study in the autumn of 2021.

Mercer has access to highly rated investment managers and strategies – nearly 12,000 of which are independently rated by Mercer. Nearly 6,000 strategies also have an ESG rating. This is where the investment strategy of Avanea DynamicS’ comes in, by selecting the most suitable managers and combining complementary strategies into a robust portfolio without sacrificing sustainability.

As one of the original drivers and first signatories of the UN PRI (UN Principles for Responsible Investment), Mercer is a market and thought leader in the area of sustainable investments. For our clients, we continuously work with far-reaching manager research and a dedicated responsible investments team on developing and implementing customized strategies that combine returns and sustainability.

Thanks to Mercer’s global buying power, manager fees can also be reduced to the benefit of insured members. In addition, lucrative asset classes can be accessed that are often not available to smaller investors, e.g. in the private markets in the form of infrastructure investments.

Mercer’s capabilities ensure an implementation with strong governance, but at the same time allow the necessary flexibility and speed to seize opportunities in the market.

Overview of benefits:

Intended investment allocation Avanea DynamicS

More information can be found in this flyer (LINK).

Avanea 20

In cooperation with an external partner, the Avanea 20 pool was created in 2015.

This pool, designed for companies looking for a particularly conservative pension solution, provided for a strategic equity share of 20 %.

The development of the financial markets, characterised by a long period of insufficient returns in the bond segment and a steady rise in real estate prices with a consequent reduction in returns, is the reason for the shift towards investment strategies with a larger share of equities. In parallel, the success of the Avanea 30 Pool has eclipsed this investment solution. The Board of trustees has therefore decided to discontinue this product at the end of 2020.

The affiliated companies were offered a change to the Avanea 30 investment model at the same conditions and without loss.