Pension fund integration.

Change to the collective foundation.

With the Avanea Pension fund, we offer companies the possibility of transferring their own pension fund to our collective foundation without your employees and pensioners regretting the change. They continue to benefit from the previous conditions.
A request for a quote is worthwhile in any case.

Check out the various options for integrating your foundation into the Avanea PF now, with which you can counter future dangers and risks.

1. Structure of the collective to be insured

Changes in the composition and average age of the employees in the company can result in an unfavourable insured person structure for the pension fund with uncontrollable cost effects, which are reduced by joining Avanea.

2. Cost reduction

Because of the usually high costs, important topics such as tradition, closeness to the company and the corporate culture of one’s own pension fund often take a back seat in companies of less than 300 employees. Avanea guarantees the previous advantages at favourable conditions even for small portfolios.

3. Concentration on the core business

Companies should be able to use all financial and human capacities to strengthen their own operations. Avanea helps you concentrate on the core business.

4. Risk of recovery measures

The legally required supplementary financing of underfunding, e.g. after a stock market crash, can massively weaken employers with small pension funds. By joining Avanea, the risk of restructuring is considerably reduced.

5. Responsibility

The personal responsibility of the members of the Board of Trustees grows with the increase in legal regulations. It is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to appoint qualified representatives to boards of Trustees. Avanea largely relieves the employer and its employees of these responsibilities.

6. Know-how

The legal framework is in permanent development and increasingly restricts the freedoms of companies and their pension funds. Avanea keeps up to date professionally and with the necessary interest and expenditure. Trust in and rely on our many years of BVG experience.

7. Purchasing

Integration with Avanea can be particularly worthwhile as long as the funding ratio of your foundation is sufficient and no purchases into the fluctuation reserve are necessary. Take advantage of this benefit in good times.